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Tim and Julie Ward - Organo distributers based in Lancashire

Hi, we’re Tim & Julie Ward and are passionate about our own health plus bringing the products we love and use to our customers.

Over the past few weeks we have also partnered with another company - Farmasi. This company is around 70 years old and in many countries around the world.

This new partnership brings extra product ranges to our selection including extra coffees, supplements, a nutrition selection and hair care too.

We have both been drinking the Organo drinks since 2017.

Until we were introduced to the Black coffee and Latte, we had never heard of the company Organo or the  Ganoderma / Reishi mushroom.

Background: Early in 2017, Julie was listening to a podcast by the world-renowned Natural Medicine practitioner, Dr Bob Rawkowski. He was talking about a coffee which tasted and smelt just like regular coffee. More importantly for Julie, this coffee was great for your health too. She just had to find out how and where to get it from!

Once we had found it in the UK, we tried some different drinks and tastes initially with a trial or swap pack to see which flavour we liked best. The following week, we bought a full box of each product to see how we would feel if we drank these coffees for a whole month (see 30 day challenge )

We haven’t stopped drinking them since!

Our Testimonials: Even though Tim didn’t drink coffee, he started drinking the Latte at first and loved the taste. As he felt so well he found after a few months of drinking it, he was able to stop his blood pressure medications and hasn’t restarted them as his blood pressure has remained stable.

Julie started drinking Black coffee and King of coffee and has found her asthma has never been better or as well-controlled. The allergies she was affected by such as skin and food sensitivities, are no longer an issue.

N.B. (Don’t stop or reduce prescribed medication without medical advice)

We started sharing our new coffees with friends and family as they came to the house. Over a few months we learned more about Ganoderma / Reishi and wanted to help other people feel great too!

So My Healthy Drinks was born and we haven’t looked back!