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About Us. Why Organo?

We are Tim and Julie Ward and we have been enjoying Organo products since April 2017.
We joined the company as business partners in June 2017 and it has completely changed
our lives.

Our company mission:

To improve the health of 100,000 people one cup at a time.


Julie lost her first husband in September 2005 to a heart attack due to high blood pressure,
leaving her with a large family of children aged 18 months to 19 years old, and Tim lost his
first wife 5 years ago to an aggressive and untreatable type of cancer.

We believe if we had access to these products then, the outcomes may have been
very different.

Our deepest desire is to prevent someone else having to go through the heartbreak and
loss that our families have gone through.

Our testimonial:

Tim was diagnosed with high blood pressure 2 years ago, but thanks to drinking a couple
of cups of coffee a day and no other changes, his blood pressure has reduced and he has
been able to  stop the medication.

Julie has been treated for asthma and hay fever since aged 3, but again thanks to the
coffees and teas she has noticed a massive improvement in her asthma to a level where
is it no longer a challenge in her life and is continuing to improve.

Many people we have met, who use the products, feel better and look better,
and so could you!