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I started drinking Organo Black Coffee in 2020. I have tried a few Organo products previously and enjoyed the flavours..

I got to the point in my life where I was drinking a lot of caffeine through high street brand instant coffee. I needed the boost a coffee provided me with, to help me get through a day. When I switched back to Organo Black, it was part of a look at my general health health and well being, especially as I had just become a dad.

Since making the switch, I gradually began to notice a change in my energy levels throughout the day. I no longer suffered high peaks and troughs of energy . I work long hours on my feet all day I didn't get the craving for a caffeine boost from my old coffee. I found Organo Black gave me the energy and concentration I neede throughout the day. I fall asleep within minutes every single evening, no longer laying down in bed with my mind racing.

Having suffered from minor panic attacks and anxiety previously, Organo Black has allowed me to be relieved of the racing heart and panic which used to affect my daily life. I feel calm, content and centred.

I enjoy the rich black coffee flavour every single morning and wouldn't be without it. To say I never touch any other coffee from anywhere, even when I'm out and about at cafe's with their tempting selection of Mocha, Latte filled with sweet syrup, is a huge change for me. Thankyou Organo.


I’ve been drinking King of Coffee for a couple of months and I’ve just noticed that I’ve not had any hay fever medication this year!


My monthly subscription of hot cocoa and mocha means I don’t need to remember to re-order every time plus my cupboard doesn’t run out of my favourite Organo drinks.


The hot cocoa drink is delightful. I just add hot water and enjoy my chocolate fix every night for only 145 calories too.


My morning cup of Black coffee is my time for me. No one is allowed to interrupt or disturb me until I’ve drunk it all.


I’ve been drinking the drinks for a couple of months now and I ran out. Yesterday I started with hay fever symptoms for the first time this year. I realised I hadn’t had a Ganoderma drink for a few days and am going to get one right now. It’s only when you stop them you realise how good you feel when drinking them.


Love the coffee especially the Black coffee and the Hot Cocoa.


I have them at work and at home because I don’t drink anything else. Love them especially the Supreme in an afternoon.


Back in 2016 I was introduced to the coffee. I loved it knowing it was a healthier option. I had just been diagnosed with multiple fibroids which had caused me crippling cramping and I had endometriosis.

I went back 1 year later and was told that cluster had disappeared and that I only had 1 cyst sitting on 1 of my ovaries.

All I had done different was changed my coffee, maybe it was the Ganoderma in my system correcting my body. I just went back today and was told that I was healthy and there was no sign of fibroids.

Wow! It’s the best news for 2020. I know now that it has been the Ganoderma all this time.

I will never take another sip of any other coffee ever again as this has corrected my body to function the way God created it.”


“After drinking Organo products and changing some eating habits over the past year my digestion is back on track, bloating has gone, less inflammation in my knee and fingers, no brain fog, more energy throughout the day, less anxiety, weight down 3 sizes, sleep better at night, reduced allergies.

I’ve lived with hypothyroidism for 14ears and not had any luck with losing weight until I started drinking Organo products.”


“When I was drinking the Hot Cocoa every day I felt great! I was stress free and my focus was better. I intentionally stopped taking the ADHD medicine to see if it helped me. I was ultimately able to focus because my anxiety was kicking my ass ….point blank and hands down.


Thank you for this amazing product ….gourmet coffee with benefits … need I say more!

My daughter is 14 and she loves it …Her words - it lifts my mood and gives me loads of energy.

I have mine in the morning with  a bit of whipped cream and it gives me so much energy it’s awesome. I woke up tired in the morning because I work late but now I can work late and still run my 5k in the morning. Thank you this is an amazing product!”


“Feeling the best I have done in a very long while since I started drinking this 2 weeks ago, I suffer with Fibromyalgia and have a severe heart condition, both have improved greatly and I’m feeling happier, calmer, a great sense of well being. The Red and Green Tea are amazing too. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I’s a must try! I’d go as far as to say it’s life changing!”


“I’d like to share my experience with reishi. I started using the products and within 3 weeks my IBS was under control, my anxiety was gone and after a month I lost 10kg.

After 10 years I actually had my life again. I could do things and go out with my friends without worrying where the nearest facilities were. Organo products didn’t only change me life, they saved my life”.


“I’ve suffered with migraines for 20 years. Many of these are stress and anxiety induced and I have always depended on painkillers to manage these. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in the onset of migraines when drinking the Red Tea. I feel calm and clear headed. I know this has helped me from the damaging affects of regular use of tablets. I also find it useful for interviews and flights as it calms my nerves”.


“I have beaten Type 2 Diabetes through lifestyle change and Organo products. I can 100% confirm the transforming properties of reishi.”


“My son loves his Hot Cocoa! I’ve been using the Hot Cocoa for him for the last year now this is his diagnosis:-

He has autism on the spectrum level, anxiety/panic disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD with impulsivity.

At a school open day recently he did activities, he wandered off, he mingled, HE HAD FUN!!

“I have found the Organo coffee and hot chocolate really enjoyable to drink and an easy replacement from my previous coffee. I currently have two coffees a day and one hot chocolate before bed. Since I have started drinking the Organo drinks I have found that I feel so much more relaxed and find falling asleep is much easier. I would personally like to thank Tim for introducing me to this amazing product.”


“I would like to formally place on record my thanks for your outstanding service when I recently purchased some Organo coffee from you. During a meeting we had held, you explained the coffee’s contents and benefits; as a coffee lover on a renewed health drive, this left me in no doubt that placing an order was a must. You then delivered the goods the very next day.

As you assured me that I would do, I am thoroughly enjoying the coffee and already feel different (in a positive way, I hasten to add!) as a result of drinking it. I will certainly be ordering more from My Healthy Drinks in the future, as well as recommending you to family and friends”


“After just weeks of swapping to Organo and eating healthier dinners, I have lost 8lb! Not only is the tea enjoyable to drink but I have much more energy and just feel much better in myself. I would certainly recommend your drinks to my friends and family”


“My partner and I took the meal replacement shakes along with the Organo capsules everyday for two weeks, replacing two meals with meal replacement and then sticking to one healthy balanced meal in the evening. After a couple of days getting used to the new routine, we both noticed just how “alive” we felt, just “us”, but a better version of “us”.

A month later, I’ve lost 21lbs in weight and my partner has dropped two dress sizes. We’ve followed similar routines in the past but always found them to leave us lacking energy and consequently our motivation has waned. Organo has proved to be completely different. We’ve felt fuller for longer, full of energy and very well rested after some fantastic night’s sleep.

Not only have we both enjoyed a general feeling of “wellness”, my blood pressure has now fallen to normal levels and the joint pain I’ve been suffering with in my hands for the last 10 years or so has completely gone.

I would certainly recommend Tim ward, his advice and the “King of Herbs” Organo Gold to anyone looking to feel better, look better and perform better without having to make huge changes to their lives and lifestyles.”


“I have been using your meal replacement shakes for some time now. It’s been really easy to stick to the program simply because the shakes are so tasty, and I haven’t become bored of them yet. I’ve also stated drinking the Organo King of coffees and I love it.

I’m not really sure if I’m feeling great because of the massive intake of Ganoderma Lucidum spores or whether it’s because I’m generally feeling healthier and a bit less huge. Probably a bit of both.

A typical working day used to consist of a sausage and bacon barm for breakfast and a takeaway for lunch and gallons of coffee. Julie has made it easy for me to change my ways and I will continue to recommend both the shakes and coffee to my friends, family and colleagues”.


“I wish to thank you for introducing me to your excellent range of Organo healthy drinks.
My Favourite is the Black Organo coffee and its flavour beats any of the supermarket brands.
I am not sure it makes me feel like a teenager, but I have to say I think it is having a positive affect on me, I do not have the same aches and pains in the morning that I used to.
I would have no problem recommending you or your products to friends and family.”